Care Plan

At Nutten Stoven we will aim to provide you with information or assistance to enable you to make appropriate and informed choices, which support your care plan and personal affairs.

Health services GP, Glasses, Hearing, aids Food, advocacy

You have the right to:

  1. Be involved in making decisions about the care and treatment and support you need.
  2. Be given the Privacy and Dignity and independence you need to support your care plan
  3. To promote your Rights and Choices and given information to help you make those choices.
  4. Consent to care and Treatment.
  5. To know how much you are expected to pay for our service.
  6. To have Personalised Treatment and support. Pre-assessment, Nutritional needs met.
  7. To be safeguarded against any forms of abuse.
  8. To be given the information you require on your prescribed medication.
  9. To ensure the safety availability and suitability of equipment.
  10. To be safe by staff  caring for their needs that they are fit appropriately qualified and are physically and mentally able to do their job.
  11. To know what providers and managers do to assure that Essential Quality of quality and safety are maintained. Statement of Purpose, Complaints procedure, assessing and monitoring the quality of service.
  12. To have your comments and complaints listened to and acted on effectively.
    Be confident that their personal records for their care, treatment and support are properly managed.
  13. Have their needs met because it is managed by an appropriate person.


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